Mixed Competitions 2021

Entry forms for all club internal competitions will be e-mailed or posted to all full club members before the start of each season. Completed forms should be returned with the appropriate fees by May 1st. Please ensure matches are played by the dates shown on each competition sheet.

Mixed Triples 19th June


Report 9.45 am

Quarter  Final

Semi Final



Carolyn Colwill, Rodney Colwill & Keith Webber v Rosemary Reed, Gordon Young & Paul Sweetland

Lorraine Powderly, Dave Reed & Mick Towell v Maureen Heard,Brian Lawman & Ivor Larcombe

Rosemary Reed, Gordon Young & Paul Sweetland v  Maureen Heard,Brian Lawman & Ivor Larcombe

Gill Cooper, Nick Clarke & Syd Sargant v Francis Rawlings,Alan Colwill & Peter Harris

Amanda Strawson,Eric Halliday & Brian Cunnold v Carole Stairs,Maurice Adams & Dave Gilbey

Lorraine Buttery, Alan Strawson & Robert Skrzypczak v Carolyn Skrzypczak, Ray Rawlings & Peter Wade





Rosemary Reed,Gordon & Paul Sweetland v               Gill Cooper,Nick Clarke &. Syd Sargant





Amanda Strawson,Eric Halliday &|Brian Cunnold v.     Carolyn Skrzypczak,Ray Rawlings & Peter Wade



v Carolyn Skrzypczak,Ray Rawlings & Peter Wade








Mixed Pairs 18 Ends 11th July

Reserves – Brian Cunnold and Keith Webber

Quarter Final

Report 9.45am

Semi Final



Carole Stairs & Dave Gilbey v Maureen Heard & Maurice Adams

Amanda Strawson & Peter Wade v Rosemary Reed & Mick Stairs

Gill Cooper & Dave Reed v Carolyn Colwill & Peter Harris

Carolyn Skrzypczak & Brian Lawman v Lorraine Powderly & Gordon Young



Carole Stairs & Dave Gilbey. v       Amanda Strawson & Peter Wade




Gill Cooper & Dave Reed  v.     Carolyn Skrzypczak & Brian Lawman




v Dave Reed & Gill Cooper





First Time Winners

Quarter Final

Alan Strawson v Mick Towell

Keith Webber v Paul Sweetland

Semi Final 

Alan Strawson v Paul Sweetland

Brian Lawman v Amanda Strawson


Alan Strawson v Brian Lawman



Mr & Mrs /Partners

Quarter Final

By 30th May

Semi Final 

27th July



Alan Colwill & Carolyn Colwill v Pete Wade & Rosemary Reed

v Robert Skrzypczak & Carolyn Skrzypczak

Alan Strawson & Amanda Strawson v Ray Rawlings & Frances Rawlings



v Alan Strawson & Amanda Strawson